Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thirty Six Years Later....

Jim and I just celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary !!! We thought a fun trip to the Central Coast would be a great way to treat ourselves....and we brought along some of our favorite people.

Our trip began with the most delicious Danish pancakes in Solvang.

Home sweet Apple Farm.....

.....where our darling niece Brianne came to visit.

We took a lovely day to visit the gardens of Cambria,

....always scenic, and

....always inspiring.

Our dear friends Linda and Denny joined us in a delicious picnic lunch.

We followed that with a relaxing country drive where we found fields and fields of wild sweet peas.

Not only did it look beautiful....but it smelled like heaven!!!!

Thirty six years ago we were youngsters enjoying a wedding cake. Now we are old and wise and a bannana split at the Maddonna Inn was the joyous way to end a very special day.

Here is to many more years together to share in the best things in life!!!


Cheryl said...

A very happy anniversary to you guys!!!! Can't wait to see you on Monday!!!! Woohoo

Leesie said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had a marvelous time... you both deserve it.
Congratulations and much love, The van Roons

Carol said...

Happy! Happy Anniversary! EENJOY your retreat!