Tuesday, June 7, 2011

God Is Good....

In an attempt to keep my blog a happy and creative space, I try not to add to much HEAVY stuff.
But there has been much heaviness in my heart of late, and it is at times like these I rely even more heavily on my faith.

My daughter is the most incredible example of this. She had surgery today....necessary because of the damage done at Donovan's birth, and sadly because the medical system did not provide her the care that was needed afterwards.

By the time she had gone thru the referral system, the damage was immense. We all had great concern. She placed her worry on her Father's promise to watch over us....and He was faithful to His promise.

It helped too to have MANY friends who care for my sweet daughter. There were calls, emails, and gifts of love shown. One of the most significant was this Devotional.
My dear friend Shelby brought both Meghan and I a copy a few days ago. Shelby knows about worry....and placing it in God's hands. In the past year she has lost her husband and is now bravely facing cancer.

If Shelby said this book gave her strength, we were certain it would do the same for us. It spoke to Meghan and without a doubt I know it helped her bravely face today.

So thanks to all of you who knew what Meghan was facing....for your love and prayers for her sweet husband and baby boy. She is grateful for each positive thought.

And I too am grateful for ALL of you....and for a Father who listens to my heart.


Cheryl said...

So glad things went so well!! Hugs to you all!

Carol said...

That is the very best news. I just read Cheryl's post and came running straight here. The perfect way to start the morning. I am so happy for all of you. Sending lots of love and good, good thoughts!

Darlene said...

Truly happy for your daughter that things went well and she's now on the road to recovery.

Linda said...

Yes--Our God is SO good! Praising Him for answers to your prayers! Now-I will join you in prayers for her healing.

Julie Isa said...

oh. you are all in my prayers. lots of love to you!!!