Monday, June 6, 2011

A Time to Sew....

There have been some delightful pockets of time to sew lately....and I have been enjoying it SEW much!!!

Thanks to the four day QIAD retreat, I had a chance to finish this very summery looking quilt top.

I also found time to use my own pattern design "Twice as Nice", but this time used a honeybun instead.

Which means smaller blocks and perfect to put away for special babies when they are born.

It is never toooo early to think Christmas.....this quilt was SEW much fun to work on!!!

....and thanks to my twelve hour class this past Saturday, I completed the "present blocks" from this FREE Moda pattern.

There has been sewing for some of my favorite girls too. Meghan wanted a "Maxi Dress" ( didn't we wear those in the 70's).

The shop brought in all sorts of fabrics ( overstocks) and we got to pick and choose at $3 per yard. Not sure if everyone noticed how MUCH fabric is right now, so I said YES PLEASE and had some fun adding to the stash!!!

Recently I bought a collection of "onesies" for my favorite bitty girl. I am planning on making skirts to go with each one...and here is my start!!

I have also been making some dresses for that same bitty girl ( oh she is just cuter and cuter each time I see her). I forgot to take pics before I gave them away.

This was a PDF that I used to make her a bright red polka dot dress....which she grabbed off the hanger and clung too. That's my girl!!!

Then I made her this more dainty dress in a soft pink with bitty elephants all over it.

SEW sweet!!!

....and if you are thinking I have forgotten someone, no worries. I bought him some onesies too, and they are all going to sport a cute tie!!!

He wore this one to Church. Needless to say he was quite a big hit.

It is sew much fun to fit in a bit of sewing when I can. My life is more chaotic than ever, so the down time is appreciated and utilized.

Not complaining.....always feeling SEW BLESSED!!!!


mary said...

Hi Sweet Annie!
Love how the Christmas present quilt turned out - amazingly cute (as usual!). Hearts and prayers to you and Megs today - keep positive!
Big hugs! Mary

Amanda said...

Beautiful!!! You are soooo talented!! I love the gift package quilt and think it belongs on my todo list.

Thinking of you and Meghan today.

MvR said...

OMG. *note to self: if I ever have a baby boy, make him wear a tie*

I just died from cuteness overload!

Belinda said...

OOh, I'm loving that gift box quilt!!!

Yaya and Papa said...

Love all the little girl clothes. They are so cute. Can you email me the link to the PDf for that adorable dress-I want to make one for my Gigi and her new baby sis, Hallee (2 weeks old)!! Thanks. Love ya, karen