Saturday, August 13, 2011


If anyone is visiting from my sweet Meghan's blog....I say WELCOME!!!!

To say my daughter is an inspiration is to put it mildly.
She humbles me in her goodness, and each day I am reminded
what a gift she is in my life.

And now back to my blog (G)!!!!!

My sweet Jill mentioned that she wanted to find an
Angelina Ballerina book for our bitty Clare.

It made me remember this
sweet teeny version ( all in the original)
that my dear cousin Jacquie had shared with me.

Then I stumbled upon this fabric
and I knew I had to make a dress for Clare
to go along with the very special book.

I can't wait to see Clare in her twirly dress
....looking as adorable as she does in all things!!!

I really love the bow that ties the dress in the back.

SEW sweet.

The same pattern ( an etsy PDF) also made into a top.

Which just screamed for a fabric flower
( something I learned from a blog).

The next dress ( dresses) I will make will be using this pattern.
Clare and her cousin are going to be Flowergirls, and this just
had to be THE dress.

I love the crinoline petticoat underneath.

And FINALLY...speaking of inspiration,
is anyone out there as obsessed as I am with this????


Carol said...

OH MY! That dress is beyond cute and then the top...I'm loving them! Can't wait to see the flower girl dress...she will be precious!

Karen, aka Yaya said...

Yes--love Pinterest! Follow me and I will follow you! Love all the adorable dresses you have made and plan to make for your granddaughter....I've made quite a few for mine too!!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I think it must've been Greetje that shared that book with fabric is so cute!! I'm sure Clare will look so adorable!!!

Who is getting married?

Cheryl said...

Cute doesn't even describe those pretties!!!!!

Kirsten said...

I saw Meghan's post on you! You are SO talented!!! Your projects amaze me. Hollie said it best if you opened a store we would have a long list of items we would purchase!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Darling dresses! I love the last pattern I think its the same one on my list to buy! And YES I love to Pinterest. I try not to just because it drains my time, but I love it nonetheless!

The Cohen's said...

Can you point me to the Etsy site where you got the pattern for the dress? I love both of them!

Kinz said...

Loved the skirt you made Meghan! It was wonderful to meet you as well! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I see where Meghan gets so much of her character and sweetness from! Hope you enjoy your time with the grandbabies this week! Take care!