Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Oma.....

Loves when her little miss comes to visit...and brings Mommy and Daddy too.

Of course we need to do a bit of shopping
....and pick out some cute things for Donovan too!!!

We got to try on the dress that Oma made!!!

This dress is the "prototype" for the
Flowergirl dress Clare will wear next month.

I wanted to be sure the pattern fit properly.
Now picture the dress in a soft champagne fabric,
with a silky sash, and a full crinoline underneath.

I am sure Clare will be adorable!

How does Clare know I love her????

Well, I made the dress from my favorite stash of Urban Chik
....which I hoard and rarely use for fear it will all disappear!!!!

Our shopping trip included a great lunch,
some shopping for Mommy
and watching the train that soon enough Clare will be big enough to ride on.

The day continued with Grampie's spoiling our little miss
with Carousel rides and a great dinner in "Little Italy".

I love the days when the family can get together.
They are the BEST!!!


Meghan said...

Thank you so much for all of the goodies you found for Donovan and I too and thank you SOOOO much for your help in my class today. I love you tons and guess what! I got to see Clare in that sweet little dress today and she looked like an angel. XO

Beverly said...

Looks like the best kind of day. The dress you made for Clare is darling. I am going to have to get that pattern. I love the giant RicRac. I can only imagine how beatuiful she will look in the one for the wedding.

Carol said...

What a positively FUN day! Couldn't be more perfect. Clare's dress is the cutest ever...can't wait to see her in it...and the flower girl dress will be gorgeous. Love that quilt that the dress is on. LOVE it!