Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yes Please.....

If dreams came true...this would be MY house!!!!

It is located in Carmel, and just steps away from the beach ( oh my).

I nearly jumped out of our moving car when I saw it.
So if I win the lottery, I will knock on the door and ask if I can buy this house.

In my dream they say "YES PLEASE".

I would invite all of you to come thru my garden gate,
( decorated with fresh flowers...of course)

I could point to you the oar that says this is my "beach house".

....or you could come knock on my side door ( equally cute).

My Rooster on the wall would let me know you were stopping by.

Isn't this just the most delightful dream????

My garden would be abundant with flowers....
a cherrful yellow is a MUST.

But I guess the sign says that it already is someone's dream come true.

Oh well, I can only HOPE that they find as much joy living there as I would.

It must be delightful to live in a cottage by the sea.


Cheryl said...

In my mind I see you living there!! It's so you :-)!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I saw quite a few candidates when we were in Carmel!! Told Frank if he bought one, I'd move in a milisecond!! The cheapest barely acceptible one was a cute three bedroom for $600k that was far from the beach, so you can only imagine how much the ones on the beach must cost!!! Need to win the lottery!!!

Kim said...

There are so many beautiful cottages in Carmel. I worked by the beach for a while and it was wonderful to get off work and head down there.

Meghan said...

Yes please times two... I'm moving with you!!!