Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation Favs.....

My two vacation and eating, and we did plenty of both!!!

How cute is this English import shop?
Had to take a fun peek at all of the William and Kate goodness!!!!

Taking time for wonderful meals in lovely settings is what our vacation is all about.

We had lovely picnics gazing at the ocean,
and coffee breaks to enjoy the lovely butter cookies my Mom made for our trip.

This is where we sat and had lunch in Montecito.
Piatti's is always a favorite romantic spot.

They begin your meal with a basket of the most delicious breads....
and a large bowl of dipping oil.

Yes you are seeing LOTS of garlic....
maybe not romantic, but it sure is delicious!!!!

It is always fun to find a new place to eat...
and this cute shop just opened its doors.

It is destined to be one of our new favorites!!!!

A bit of England in SLO....what fun.

Combining two of my favorites....chocolate and quilting.

Fun, friendly and lots that inspired me.

One of my favorite Coastal quilt shops is "Back Porch".

The shop is modern, clean and full of the best fabrics.

I had LOTS of fun!!!

The staff is always friendly and helpful...
and the fact that it is right by the ocean means Jim is content snapping photos.
So I can spend a quality amout of time picking things out to take home!!!

This jewel of a knit shop is on State Street in Santa Barbara.

Chock full of the most wonderful fibers ( expensive)...
and lots of inspriation ( free).

Speaking of inspiration.....I found this vignette at the Getty museum.
It transports me back to when we lived in Virginia
and our many trips to the National Gallery.

Meghan would always want to find her "favorite" piece of art...
and then stand in front and strike her similar pose.

Jonathan, Jill and our sweet Clare were just in DC.
Jill asked if there was anything I would want.

I simply asked for a photo of Clare in the exact spot I remember Meghan posing.
How sweet is this photo....and how much it touched my heart.

So....what did I come home with????

You can guess there was LOTS of fabric and patterns......and lots of gifts for those we love.

I love vacations....and can't wait til we can hit the road again!!!!


Meghan said...

Cutest post! I still remember that statue. Is it Degas? I loved it! And I want to try out Pasty now... YUM! Your little owl lover will look sooo cute in that dress. Love you!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

You were in Thousand Oaks and didn't tell me?? Next time give me a jiggle!!! I'm ten minutes away from Cotton and Chocolate!!