Saturday, September 3, 2011

My New Life.....

My Blog posts are not as frequent.

I am BUSIER than ever, but loving each moment.
What is keeping me so busy????

We babysit Clare on the one day Mommy has to go to the office.
Does she have the most kissable cheeks or what???

We are lucky enough to babysit Donovan too!!!

Don't you just melt when you see that smile???

....and I fit in sewing when I can.

I have finished one flower girl dress and am starting the next.

So you can see things are hectic, but joyous. I wouldn't want it any other way!!!


Carol said...

What fun! What fun! Moments to cherish!

Meghan said...

And we are so grateful that this is how you choose to spend your days! XO

The Dease Family said...

I second Meghan's comment. We are grateful and blessed that you are willing to watch these kiddo's when we can't (or when we just need a little breather from a rambunctious toddler...). I am so glad you enjoy your time with Miss Clare; she certainly enjoys her time with you.

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks like fun to me too!!! What special relationships you're having with your grandchildren!!!

Yvonne said...

What a joy that you get to spend so much happy time with your cute grandkids! Isn't that the best time of our lives?

Beverly said...

Oh!! You are sew blessed. They are both just the cutest and those smiles just melt this Mamaw's heart. I know how busy they can keep you, but the time with this age is so precious.
Oh my! You are so good to already have one dress done. It's beautiful.