Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So very fine at 89 !!!!

This weekend was my Mom's 89th birthday party.

We gathered the youngest to the oldest,
to honor my Mom who we all hold close to our hearts.

There were many flowers and lots of gifts.

She was surrounded by her Greatgrandchildren....

Her Grandchildren.....

....and her children.

We were honored to share this celebration.

My Mom is my dear friend, my inspiration
and for all who know her a delight and a joy.

Happy Birthday Oma....we love you so much.


Cheryl said...

She is the sweetest,and I love all your wonderful family photos!!

Leesie said...

We love her too! Hope to see all of you soon -- life is so busy for everyone, so we are very thankful for blogs and email...it lets us keep up with all of you! :)

xo Paul and Leesie

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I hope tante Nellie had a wonderful day!!!! Sure looks like it!!!

Susan Smith said...

You are so fortunate that your mother is still with you. The photo of her cherishing the great-grandchild is priceless. She truly sounds like a treasure.