Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Whoooo loves you......

My favorite kind of sewing continues to be creating children's clothing.

The projects make up quickly, take little fabric
and I love seeing my creations on a certain bitty model that I adore!!!!

I could make this coat again and again. In fact I have!!!!

This time it was all about Polka Dots...the more the merrier.

More polkas for the lining,
and of course matching buttons and a flower pin too!!!!

There was enough fabric left over to make this sweet jumper.

I had to add an owl appliqué.

Clare is OBSESSED with Owls
....mostly because her Grampy has one as his IPAD screen saver.

She pushes the button to turn the IPAD on.
How do they know how to do this when they are so little????
She then says OWL ( which she makes into a two syllable word) and then follows with a WHOOO WHOO.

Makes me smile each and every time!!! continues to be such fun to be Grandparents.

I never knew life could be THIS sweet!!!!


Beverly said...

Oh, tell Clare I love owls too. That is such a cute pattern(thanks to you, I have it) and those polka dots just make it so cheery. Where did you get the cute applique?
Gee, I haven't been keeping up lately with my favorite blogs. Great picture and tribute to your sweet Mom.
Also very jealous of your trip to SB area. We may have a job in that area after the first of the year.
Had one in Carpinteria a couple of years ago and loved it there.

Meghan said...

So adorable! What lucky grandkids!!!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Love the wee clothing line!!!

Hollie said...

Your talents continue to amaze me. I think my Mom hears about every amazing thing you've made. The owl is just precious and such a person touch. Dono and Claire are lucky to have you!

Hollie said...

I have to correct my spelling of Clare! Sorry.

MvR said...

O my, you should totally open up a childrens clothing store, those dresses are too cute!