Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Many Things to Celebrate....

This past weekend Oma got to meet her latest Great-Grandson,
and we got to meet our dear Great Nephew.

Nathan Cole is adorable...and oh so sweet!!!!

Afterwards the family gathered for a lovely luncheon
in celebration of Clare's Dedication at Church.

We could not have been happier or any more proud.

Clare was excited to help Oma with her cane....

...and then open some presents.

That evening she took a peek at her new Bible cute is that????

....and the celebrations aren't ending anytime soon.

There is a bitty boy who will have a birthday party this weekend.
How is it possible that he is already one!!!!


Carol said...

Little Donovan can not possibly be a year old...where oh where has the time gone? What a sweet heart Clare is.

Yvonne said...

Clare is so cute in that little red dress! Happy birthday to Donovan this weekend!