Sunday, January 15, 2012

Focus on the resolutions....

I am not much of a resolution kind of person....
I guess I know I don't stick to them!!!

But I have vowed to improve in SOME ways.
I have begun by USING some of my stash, and organizing my projects.

Are you impressed with the bitty stickers to keep me FOCUSED!!!!

I have begun my first new years project...thanks Bunnyhill!!!
I am going to LOVE making Dresden plates.

Oh my resolution to use up stash
...well QIAD was having a crazywarehouse sale.

$4 per yd. fabrics, and add to that I get a discount.
My resolve was shaken to the core.

Wish I would have taken a photo of my stack of bolts,
but better that I did not!!!

Back to the first Dresden plate.
So yummy I could eat it with a fork.

Back to my not keeping up with my resolutions
....a local fabric shop is moving locations.

All fabric 50% off. I went back TWICE!!!

How can I resist cute fabrics to outfit our bitty Clare and Donovan???

My resolve to begin the New Year by cleaning my house?
Well, I began by cleaning out all the candy we had for the holidays.

Doing REALLY well at that resolution....
ME BAD!!!!


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

LOL...I get overwhelmed when I look at my stash too! Although I've been pretty good about not adding too much to it, I really need to use it!! I started a baby blanket for a friend and was determined to use something I already had...

Love the fabric colors!! It will be beautiful!

Beverly said...

You are sooo funny about cleaning out the candy. I've long since "cleanded" mine out and am now working on the Valentine's Candy.
Love, love, love your Dresden. I can't wait for my template ruler to get here. I will be stalking the mailman for sure.
I am too trying to work on my stash. I love the feeling of using something I have on hand, but I have to admit, nothing like shopping for new fabric. You got some good deals

Yvonne said...

Of course you can't resist a 50 % off sale! Who would?
And chocolate is another thing. If I buy it I have to eat it.....all....

audrey said...

Avoiding sales is disallowed when trying to use your stash. You have to buy more to replace what you use :D :D :D sorry I'm no help!

I can't wait to see your finished dresdent!

Junebug said...

Thanks for providing me a chuckle with your cleaning out the candy. I've put a stop to all new projects until I have a few uncompleted ones finished. This last week it was knitting. Next week it's back to fabric. As far as my fabric stash, let's just say I need to go to fabric anonymous! Love your Dresden!!!

PamKittyMorning said...

Love that Dresden Plate!

PamKittyMorning said...

Love that Dresden Plate!

happy little cottage said...

Pam Kitty Morning Fabric and M & M's. Great way to start the new year! Love your Dresden Plate!! xoxo Debbie