Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Day with Clare...

We have joyfully committed to babysitting Clare for a day each week.

We have seen her grow from the teeniest little baby...
to the independent Miss she is now!!!

Each week is a new adventure.
With her backpack on,
we are off to create memories.

This week we went to Fashion Island.
We were looking for some cute gifts to spoil Mommy
...but more about that later.

We begin by going to the muffin shop....
...where Clare always picks out a Blueberry Muffin.
She loves them and so do the birds!!!

We sit and rest and always make "wishes" at the fountain.
Do you want to know what Clare has been wishing for???

She keeps saying she wants a baby sister!!!!

We walk to the koi ponds,
and I reminisce about when her Daddy and Aunt Meghan were little
and would watch the fish too.

Clare likes to count the much fun!!!

Next we check out the pet shop
and go eye to eye with the newest puppies.

Clare can never get enough of
checking out the pups, kitties and bunnies too!!!

Next stop...Build a Bear.
Clare likes to give the Bears a nice stroller ride thru the shop!!!

Time for a bite of lunch....California Pizza Kitchen takes great care of us.

They bring Clare a nice bowl of fruit,
and a pizza with mushrooms which is her favorite.

After a few bites Clare asked if she could cuddle in my lap.
Of course...but in just seconds later she was FAST ASLEEP!!!!

Guess it is best to get in as many naps as you can sweet Clare.

Word is...a baby is a coming very soon.
Nice to get some sleep while things are good and quiet!!!!


Meghan said...

I am smiling from ear to ear. What a fun time she has with her Oma and Grampy! Love that girl more than anything. So, so cute.

Yvonne said...

Isn't it the biggest joy to babysit? So much fun to watch the quality time you get to spend with Clare! She is the cutest little lady and I love to see how much she loves the animals.

Carol said...

Sweet, precious Clare...she's growing up so fast...wasn't it yesterday that she was just a bitty bit? I'm so happy that you get to spend such wonderful time with her.

Beverly said...

Clare is a blessed little girl to have you two spend so much time making memories with her. It all looked like so much fun. My heart just melted seeing her asleep on you. That kind of trust and love is worth more than anything.