Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sew Much Fun....

     We just got home from the BEST Spring Road Trip....and look who I bumped into.
My dearest friend Cheryl!!!  

 We only get to see each other at Quilt Camp once a year....
so what a SURPRISE
 to be driving by a campground in Morro Bay and I spot Cheryl and her sweet husband!!!

You should have been there to hear the squealing and giggles. 

Even more surprises.....
Jonathan, Jill and the girls had this delicious and delightful gift basket waiting in our room!!!!
We sure enjoyed this surprise a LOT. 

 We hit the road with our dear friends and neighbors.  
The boys did LOTS of photography, and we girls hit the quilt shops. 

Do we look HAPPY or what????

Lots of inspiration at "In Between Stitches".....

...and even more at Roxanne's in Carpenteria. 
 Love that shop. 

Our breakfasts consisted of pastry shops....

Can you guess what I enjoyed the most????

Spring trips means bunnies and more bunnies.

This is a delightful window display in Santa Barbara....cuter than cute. 

Coming home has been lovely too....I unwrapped fabric purchases.
I found the sewing bunny in a vintage shop and knew I had to give it a home. 

I found out that the surprises did not END with being home again.

This morning my sweet friend Sue dropped off this delightful gift of fabrics for me.
She knew I was SEW in love with  Riley Blake and Little Red Riding Hood.

My head has been in a spin ever since!!!!

I am downloading trip pictures and cannot wait to share.
Oh so much beauty was such a SWEET journey.  


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Oh, wow! What a great trip you had! I am so happy for you. =)

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks like a wonderful trip!! I love that bunny!!

Yvonne said...

Finally had the time to read your last posts. How cute your sewing room turned out, I love it! And what a great trip you have made withe lots of quilt shops. Any trip with these involved is a good one!