Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sew Very Me.....

It is completed....and I am SEW HAPPY!!!!!

A combination of the practical and the whimsical.  
Like the title says....SEW VERY ME.

I took the approach of filling my sewing space with the things I love most.  

It began with my collection of Bunnykin plates, and all things bunny.

Add an Anthropologie candle ( ahhhhh),  a cute strawberry timer ( to keep me at task) 
a sweet stuffed mouse ( a gift from my Dad when I was bitty), 
and a stack of books about Beatrix Potter and Susan Branch !!!!

I have all my fabric fabric collections to greet me as I walk in the door. 

Cute gifties from people I treasure complete the basket decor. 

In keeping with the "things I love"....
I put my jelly rolls and charm paks  in a favorite wicker basket.

The framed picture is one I treasure....and the containers hold LOTS of sewing stuff.
The bunny is one I bought when "Quilters Coop" closed.
 I sure miss that shop SEW much. 

Now onto the PRACTICAL!!!!

The cutting table rests on two cubicles.  I will share more about that in my next post.
What I won't share is the crazy amount of stuff I have stored behing the curtain (G)!!!!

The cutting table is 33" by 65".  Lots of room for ironing and cutting
 and holding some more favorite things.  

The sewing table is perfect...
large enough to be practical, but not so large as to overwhelm my modest sized sewing room.

More fun stuff to share in my next post.  
I never knew that sewing could be SEW much better with a fun and practical space!!!


Leesie said...


What a lovely room you have created! It is proof that a talented, industrious and charming person works there. Love all the bunny touches too. Congratulations on a job well done! xo

Beverly said...

You are right...that room is sooo you. I love every inch of it I could see. You will certainly enjoy many blissful hours in there.
Great wall color and your storage/cutting table and sewing table are the perfect size. SEW SEW cute, my friend.

Melanie Collins said...

It is sew beautiful Anne! I love the wall color, your cutting table, and the little thread catcher/organizer. Did you make it? Is there a pattern? I am sew happy you finally got the sewing room you deserve! You did a great job, she's a keeper! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Carol said...

Oh it's just wonderful! The perfect place to sew!

SuperMomNoCape said...

Your sewing room looks so welcoming. You're going to love sewing in there.

sweetpea family said...

It looks perfect x