Monday, May 20, 2013

Bitty Ballerina....

 We attended the most joyous performance this weekend.  

 Oma made a "ballet bag" for her favorite Ballerina. 

  Uncle Dustin and Donovan were there to cheer on our star performer. 

 Auntie Meghan knew that a crown makes one feel much more like a "Ballerina". 

Then it was time for putting on our costume, 

applying a bit of lip gloss, 

...and then it was performance time.  

Our Ballerina did a great job and enjoyed her congratulatory bouquet of flowers. 

There were kisses from Daddy, 

....and hugs from "Oma Oma".  

 Then because ONCE is not ENOUGH....

we did our dance all over again.  

A pose here....

  A twirl there....

A very happy and proud family. 

 Ta Da!!!!  Performance over.  

What fun....what memories.  


Meghan said...

I think these pictures are SO perfect! I love the one of Laurel and Clare both smiling with their mom and dad. So sweet! It was such a fun day. Loved every minute. xo

Leesie said...

I have the perfect thing to compliment this wonderful dress... I'll bring it up on Saturday and see if Clare agrees. All that tulle and all that pink makes me wish I'd had a girl! Maybe? Hope to see you Saturday (unless you are busy at the hospital!) xoxo

Cynthia said...

Oh how adorable! Aren't grandchildren the best!

Yvonne said...

So cute with those pink cheeks of the exitement!