Friday, May 24, 2013

Nervous Energy.....

Our sweet Meghan has been having a lot of contractions....
 so we are all on HYPER BABY ALERT!!!!

A great excuse to spend time in my sewing room making things for little "Miss E". 

 This bitty sunsuit was such fun to make.

  A good excuse to go thru the fabric stash and bring out the ruffler.

Since the ruffler was already attached to my machine
...I thought a cute diaper cover was a MUST!!!!

 Oh how I love RUFFLES!!!!

Speaking of all things GIRLY, I really got into making bitty headbands.

I took a headband that Meghan got as a gift....and made more and more and more!!!!
Hard to stop when things are that sweet and fun to create. 

Still no baby...and still having lots of energy.

I got into pillow making!!!!
 A baby girl can never be surrounded by enough flowers.  

SEW I made another pillow.

Miss E.....we are so very ready to cuddle you.  
Won't you please join us SOON!!!

You have so many people who can hardly wait to meet you
...and Mommy says we can all take a turn carrying you. 

 She has done the job very well for almost 40 weeks!!!! 


mary said...

Hi Sweet Annie!
Have been thinking about you and Meghan and holding you close in my prayers. Glad wee Emmerson is on her way to cuddle with you! I love the ruffles and great poms on the pillow - fun! Will be watching for pictures! Enjoy the anticipation!
Love you!

camp and cottage living said...

Oh my goodness, that sun suit is so...adorable. I remember when my daughter worn those.
Baby E is sure going to have a big welcome into this world.
I hope she comes soon!

Hollie said...

I am speechless and so completely jealous of all these amazing gifts. I mean everything is TO DIE FOR. Those headbands are just perfect. I can't wait to meet Emme too!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Love the sun suit!!

Is she here yet??

Cheryl said...

So many sweet, cute things. Keeping you all in my prayers.

Yvonne said...

It seems that you are nestling to Oma! Amazing all the sweet things that your hands made! So cute, all of them. Hope you won't have to wait much longer....

Kinz said...

SO exciting! Such sweet goodies!