Monday, September 2, 2013

Trying to Keep my COOL....

It has been HOT....blistering hot. 

 When we bought our home 20 years ago, we did NOT need AC. 
 The past few days, we have regretted that decision!!!!

So we decided to move our lives to the beach....great decision.

Things are a bit cooler at the beach and the views are AMAZING!!!!

We often see dolphins...but these were putting on quite the show.

Of course my camera did NOT come out of my knitting bag quickly enough.  
Luckily Linda's husband captured both the photo,  and then shared it with me.

When it is THIS just have to go OUT for meals (G)!!!!

Enjoy a nice cool drink....

....and treat yourself to Lobster Benedict. 

Having your meals in a lovely garden just has to make you feel cooler. 

All of these things have made the hot weather a lot more bearable.

We are back to watching little Miss tomorrow. 

She was HOT too...and you could tell the hair does NOT do well in the humidity (G)!!!!
I am thinking we will do the watching at her has the AC we do not.

Today I am retreating to my sewing room.

The ceiling fan brings great relief....
and there is nothing better than sewing Cherry blocks to make one smile.

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Yvonne said...

Amazing pictures of the sunset and dolphins! You seem to adjust to the temperatures and make life as comfortable as can be! Love the Cherish Blocks! Have fun with Miss Emme!