Thursday, August 29, 2013

Keeping On....

 My mornings look like this. 
 Mommy drops off little Miss, and then she is off to a job she LOVES.

I LOVE my job too....caring for Emme is just a dream.

 But it is also fun that I am STILL finding time to SEW.  

I just ADORE this quilt....a FREE pattern too!!!

I already have my chain blocks finished....thanks EMME for the nice long nap.

Clare is off to I wanted to make her this teeny backpack!!!

I am not sure what I love more. The bitty straps....

.....or the tag to let her know I think of her ALWAYS!!!!

Here are some finishes from a while back.

But I am sharing because "The Quilted Fish" awarded me their ROCK STAR Necklace!!!!

Complete THREE projects using Amanda Herring's fabric
 and you can be a Rock Star too!!!! 

Ok...I am getting the STINK EYE!!!! 
Emme says she wants blog posts to be more about her, and less about quilting.

I do have to admit.....she is much cuter than any quilt I have ever made!!!


sunny said...

She certainly is a little beauty! I love the wee little backpack that you made for Miss Claire. She must feel so grown up.

Meghan said...

Pretty sure that stink eye means "when in the world will this humidity end?!" Ha! Love you Oma!! See you in the morning.

Yvonne said...

What an adorable beautiful girl Emme is. Grandkids and quilts, a perfect combination! Cute backpack you have made and that cherry quilt..... Going on my ' wish to make' list!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The cherry quilt is on my list to make, too. It's so darling!

Enjoy your little miss....