Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stitched with Love....

There are two beautiful components that make camp SEW SPECIAL.

One is the quilts....

The other is the friendships that make our experience more than joyous.

Lori is such a generous quilter. 
 This was made for her friend's Grandson. 


Kathy put all of her memories of Hawaii into one simple and stunning quilt.

Her SIL ( and dearest friend) made a beautiful quilt using El's new "Signature Pattern". 

This is Tennessee Ann....who each year inspires us with her perfect piecing.

Melanie made camp SEW special. 

 She is beyond sweet, delightful to hang out with 
and makes the most amazing quilts!!!

Nicole has both an infectious personality
 ( how she makes us LAUGH)
 and still finds time to make quilt after quilt.

We were threatening to unplug her sewing machine.

This is her joyous holiday quilt made with my pattern 
"Sew Charming".

Our final day is filled with sorrow and joy.

We are sad that it is over,
 but everyone is so happy to share their beautiful quilts
 under El's appreciative eye!!!

If one picture can capture the essence of camp, it would be this one.

Lisa is leaping with joy and pride to share her beautiful work.
We will do it again next year....I can hardly wait!!!!

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Yvonne said...

What a beautiful quilts you have all made. That must have been so much fun sewing together!