Saturday, November 30, 2013

Twice as Thankful....

We celebrated TWICE!!!!

Oma wanted her dear brother to experience an American Thanksgiving
...and we are all so grateful he was here to enjoy it with us.

A good time to be surrounded with wonderful family, and a yummy feast.

It was also the day before Piet left for Holland.

We gathered together to enjoy a concert that Piet shared with us.
The girls thought it was fun to dance with wooden shoes...we loved it too!!!!

The music was wonderful, but more importantly, 
the girls were blessed to spend time with their beloved Oom Piet.

Clare even got her first piano lesson....I think she is hooked!!!

The next day we said goodby
...but we look forward to being with Piet in the Spring.

Have I mentioned that we are putting together a Spring trip to Europe???

Our actual Thanksgiving day was so restful.

Oma and I spent the day knitting while the fireplace blazed.
Relaxing and memorable.

So much to be thankful for
....and looking forward to the continuation of our Holiday Season.


Yvonne said...

How wonderful to have your Oom Piet to visit you again. Love the picture of the girls with their woorden shoes! How fun that you are planning a trip to Holland, hope we can meet! Btw, the Turkey looks amazing! Hope it tasted just as good as it looked!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving!