Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finding our Christmas Spirit....

It is never hard to find the Christmas Spirit when you are visiting Apple Farm.
It is there in abundance, and you can't help but smile and enoy!!!!

Do not worry about the guards at the door....they welcome you with open arms!!!!

Inside there are elves, and lots of goodies that could fill up Santa's Sleigh.
We had the best time!!!

Jim had a wish to go to Yosemite
....so a lovely stay at the Tenaya Lodge was our next destination.

We had barely taken our suitcases out of the car....
and the snow began to fall!!!!

Jim had the best time in Yosemite...and I did too.

It all looked like a Christmas card.  A perfect place to find your holiday spirit!!!

The snow continued to fall....I knit by the fire, and Jim took LOTS of photos. 
Me too!!!!

We ended the day with a lovely lunch at the Ahwahnee
....and had some hot chocolate too!!!!

A cozy memorable trip. 

 I could hardly wait to get home to decorate. 
 I can't wait to show you how inspired I have been!!!


Sonia said...

Oh so gorgeous photos! I love Apple Farm and the gift store there is one of my favorites! Enjoyed your post so much. Hope to stay in that lodge some time when we are out that way...looks perfect! Merry Christmas!
Miss Bloomers

Meghan said...

Great pictures. And I know little friends that are very happy to have their Oma and Grampie back home again.

Betty Lou said...

Sure to get you in the Christmas and decorating spirit. Looks like a wonderful place for a getaway with hubby.

Yvonne said...

Apple Farm looks magical! And Yosemite covered with snow must be so pretty! What a fun trip! Glad you are coming to Holland next year! Looking forward to meet you and you are more than welcome at the Bee.

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks all so lovely!

Cheryl said...

Looks so wonderful Annie!!! Beautiful pictures...and love the pics of you two! You both look great. (hugs)