Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas for the Young at Heart.....


When I think of the magic of Christmas....
my heart always travels to my childhood.

There I remember the Christmas of the past, 
but I equally enjoy the Christmas of NOW.

My Mom is 91 years young...and a continual inspriation for me.

Here are photos of the Christmas party she provided for all of us.
Such FUN!!!!

 She takes such incredible care to decorate her home.

From the humble stable I remember as a child.....

....to the selection of Christmas decorations that 
makes my heart remember Christmas with joy.

 There are tables filled with LOTS of treats...

  None more adorable than the handmade "letters" that she creates for each of us.

A Dutch tradition that we all continue to enjoy.

There are books to be read to the children....

....and a table set with great care.  

An abundance of presents for all....

....and even a visit from Santa Claus!!!!
All of which have made this Christmas season so very special.

You have seen it thru the eyes of my Mom...next you will see it thru the eyes of the children.
Precious....just like my Mom!!!!  


Yvonne said...

You have a wonderful Mom Annelies! Still going strong at 91 and making such a cozy and warm home to come to at Christmas time! Enjoy this magical season together and be blessed.

Carol said...

Your mom is truly amazing...a real wonder! Treasure every moment...I know you do...Merry Christmas to you all!