Saturday, December 28, 2013

Such a lovely Christmas....

Thank goodness for "Santa's Elf" who managed to get things put together nicely!!!

 I am pretty sure that Jim loves being Santa's helper!!!

Christmas thru the eyes of a child is wonderful.
Donovan was delighted to open gifts....

Sweet Emmerson loved playing with the knitted ornament 
that Oma Oma made for her.

She also got LOTS and LOTS of clothes.

Do you think  Daddy thought I spoiled her a bit to much????

Our Donovan is a budding artist....

...and a gifted athlete too (G)!!!!

Our sweet little girls LOVED their kitchen with all of the goodies!!!

Laurel even put on her oven mitt to take out the cookies !!!

They are both the best little cooks...and the cookies were delicious
 ( well, pretend sort of).

We had the most magical holiday and hope you did too.

Good news is...I am NOW finding time to sew. 
 Can't wait to share my latest project with you. 


Yvonne said...

So, so cute! Love the little (Ikea?) kitchen! And the apron's of the girls are the cutest!

sunny said...

the pictures of the little ones are adorable! What a wonderful Christmas for your family.

Beverly said...

Oh my those precious little ones have grown so much. Glad to see your Christmas was so blessed with their smiles.
Will check back to see what that new project is. I need inspiration. I have my Dresden basted and am quilting it. FINALLY!!
Missed you, my friend.