Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Farewell Sweet Childhood....

When I was a little girl...I was OBSESSED with all things Shirley Temple. 

My Mom's love of Shirley Temple began in her childhood.
  She was not permitted by her religion to attend movies
...but she had this image on a postcard pinned above her bed. 

As a child I had THIS album, that I played ENDLESSLY!!!  
I knew each word of each song, and to this day I can pretty much sing them all.

BTW....I found this image on EBAY with a pricetag of $653. for the album.
I sure hope I can find it in my box of childhood memories!!!!

I had so many favorite movies.

I remember reading "The Little Princess" because Shirley had been in the movie.

It began my love of all children's literature 
and my obsession with all things England.

I even have a "Willie Winkie Doll"
...and knew that she was more precious than any other doll I owned.

I never combed her curly locks...I wanted her to remain perfect.

Shirley Temple was always PERFECT in my eyes. 

Heaven shines more brightly because she is at rest.
She will be missed, but never forgotten.

The joy she brought to my childhood will remain in my heart. 


Leesie said...

I read "The Little Princess" because of the movie too! And when Sam was little he loved Shirley Temple movies as well... we watched them all together. He was so impressed that such a little kid was so famous!

She will be missed....hope you find your album! xoxo

Sarah Lizzie said...

I adored Shirley Temple as well. I used to sit with my mum when I was a wee li'l girl and watch all her movies. Though I loved all her movies, my fave was "The Little Princess" starring Robert Young and Alice Faye. The world will miss her shining light. Hope you find that album!!

Yvonne said...

I grew up watching her movies. She was priceless! Since Rosa's hair started to grow and curl I often call her Miss Shirley Temple wich always makes her giggle. She will be remembered.

Betty Lou said...

She was such a part of my childhood, a lovely child who grew up to be an outstanding women.