Saturday, February 8, 2014


I am always SEW BLESSED by my sweet students. 
 They bring much joy and wonderful talents to my life. 

Patty is a professional baker....she is also about a size FOUR!!!!

She made this delicious cheesecake for a photography shoot
 and asked me if "I" would like to have it.

She did not have to ask twice!!!!

I called Patty again to thank her. 
 I told her that I was going to bring it to Meghan....who could share it with her Bible Study.  

Then she INSISTED I come and pick up another cheesecake. 

The Bible Study had a choice of Pumpkin or Lemon.  
Leftovers went to the teaching staff at Meghan's school.

What a SWEET gift...thanks Patty!!!! 

Another of my sweet students ( thanks Jane) gifted me 
with a number of skeins of this happy yarn.

I finished my scarf this week...and shared the other skeins with my Mom and friends. 

Without  a doubt...I am a very blessed teacher.  


Sarah Lizzie said...

That would have been some cuppa after all that 'bible learnin'!! Yum!! Love your pretty scarf...'tis a blessed gal that you are!!

Yvonne said...

Lucky armthe ones who count their blessings. They are in little gifts of appreciation. I am sure you give back a lot to your friends too with teaching. Your scarf is pretty, it makes me long for Spring!