Monday, July 28, 2014

In the Pink....

Have you ever heard about the DAISO stores???
I first heard about them when I read a blog post from my favorite PKM

Someone described it as Hello Kitty Meets the Dollar Store. 
I knew I had to get there one day.

Best news ever....they opened one close to where our kids live.

This is what I came home with...OH MY!!!!

How do you say NO to a spritz bottle with a bunny???

The hangers will be the base for some crochet designs.

  I have always loved those crocheted hangers
but my internet search showed the base hangers are a lot out of budget.

Not at DAISO!!!!

This hanging pocket organizer just needed to come home with me too. 

It is PINK ( enough said) and it matches my IKEA trolley 
filled with girlie fabrics for my girlies!!!

I am using it to display patterns that will inspire me to use them!!!!

My husband actually was brave enough to enter the store.

He was pretty uncertain about my excitement...
and them complimented me when I put a few things back. 

What was I I went back and put them back in my cart!!!

These buttons are so darn CUTE....
and have I mentioned that EVERYTHING costs

$1.50 !!!!!

You can guess I will go back again.  
It was SEW much fun. 


Kim said...

Oh my there are sooooo many gorgeous 'pretties' in this post.Love, love, love every single treasure that you found. I haven't heard of DAISO...probably just as well as me thinks I might have to mortgage the house!!

Yvonne said...

Never heard of this store but I am ready to jump on a plane.....This is georgeous!

Hollie said...

I don't even sew and that store looks amazing! Love all the pink. We are SO talented, it amazes me!

PamKittyMorning said...

Holy cow! I've never seen that bunny bottle but or that hanging organizer!!! Those are perfect. I have that same tray, plus one with roses. I put my coffee on it. I have a couple of matching plates, but I had to rein myself in. You found some adorable items. Which Daiso did you go to? Are you up here in the area> I guess tomorrow I'm headed to Daiso.. too late today.

PamKittyMorning said...

p.s. love that quilt! Lot of my favorite fabrics there!