Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Cottages, B&Bs and more.....

I was completely in LOVE with Ireland.

For Jim's 40th birthday, I had a watercolor picture done of an Irish cottage.
It was our dream to see them some day....our dream came true. 

There was the majestic....

...and the cozy.

The true working farms...

...and the whimsical "pretend" farms too.

We found many ruins....

...and lovely colorful cities to enjoy. 

I wanted to peek inside each and every window!!!

Some we did get to stay inside....

and we could have stayed forever with Tom and Chrissy of the "Olde Bakery B&B".  

Irish B&B's are beyond hospitable...with lovely places to rest, 

.....and delightful  places to enjoy a meal. 

Not only did Drumcreehy House have an extensive buffet table of fruits,
 porridges, meats, cheeses and pastry,

 ( all using Nicholas Mosse Serving Pieces) , 


But in addition, you choose from their extensive menu items. 
Not very WW friendly, but it was our vacation afterall.  

We left each morning well fed and searching for adventures.

This day was very memorable...
we came across a small village on their yearly "trade, exchange or sell horses" event.

I very much wanted to take this little one home in my suitcase...

...but then again, I fell in love with this pony too!!!

If not a pony...perhaps a lamb????

I came home without livestock, but with memories that could fill a book.  

We miss Ireland...the sites, the food and always the people.  
It is as magical as we had hoped it would be. 


Yvonne said...

Beautiful! Thanks for taking us along on your trip again!

Meghan said...

These pictures leave me breathless! Those ponies!! And the bright daffodils next to your coffee… perfection!

PamKittyMorning said...

Ohmygosh so perfect! IAM SO FAR BEHIND. I love all your photos, that lamb... oh my.