Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Magical Ireland...

If England is a fairytale.....
Ireland is a rustic and very real kind of country.

The ruins are breathtaking, and seem to be around 
every corner. 

The cottges are full of charm....

The Grand Estates are magnificent

The Irish Coast is legendary....cold, harsh and oh so beautiful. 

You warm yourself with incredible soups and a brown bread that we fell in love with. 

We found many adorable Bed and Breakfasts, but this one was certainly our favorite. 

Drumcreehy House.....take a peek. 

Endless Clematis....unbelievable meals and much appreciated hospitality.

The people of Ireland are amazing.
Warm, friendly and they make you feel at home.

Of course we had to bring some "Clare Jams" home with us.
We told Clare that they were made just for her!!!

I think I will share a picture post of just the cottages....
there were so many, and they all were adorable.

Speaking of adorable....
the countryside is full of rustic rock fences, and endless horses to greet you.

Gorgeous landscapes, wonderful people and 
memorable adventures. 

Ireland will always be a destination we remember. 


Yvonne said...

This gives a good impression of beautiful Ireland. A very special piece of Europe!

Meghan said...

That sweet little horse! So cute. You and Daddy need to begin planning your return.