Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Camp Cedar Glen.....

SEW sorry to have been MIA....
but I have been to Camp Cedar Glen and back again.

So much to share with you and I will divide all the news between a few blog posts!!!

Picture Eleanor Burns....
and about 70 enthusiastic quilters from all over the country.
It was AMAZING!!!!

The Fall color enhanced the cozy days spent with our sewing machines....

The trees were ablaze in color.....
a joy to just peek outside the windows.

We even managed some fun hikes too. 

But this is what camp means to me. 
 The reunion of dear friends. 

 The year goes by quickly, much has changed in our lives,
 but we are ALWAYS grateful for the time we spend together. 

The laughter is NON stop.  

We had pajama day, shared lots of silly jokes,
ate a huge amount of candy and goodies,
 and we all sewed from morning to nighttime. 

The fun never ceased!!!!

We even completed some projects!!! 
 SEW much fun.

In the end it always goes back to this....
dear friends who share both their lives and their love of quilting. 

It was a joy to be a part of it all.

Next....tea time at El's and the quilts ( oh my)!!!

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Yvonne said...

What a joy to watch the happiness of quilters gather and having fun! Besides that the surrounding area looka amazingly beautiful too! Looks like a perfect retreat!