Monday, November 10, 2014

Road Trip.....

More fun Fall travels.

First stop....a lovely breakfast with an ocean view. 
 That is always a lovely start to a mini vacation!!!

Of course our first nights rest would be at Apple Farm. 
It never ceases to charm us and it has become our "home away from home". 

They were already decorated for the holidays....something my home isn't!!!

I wish I had their staff of "elves" to make my home look this festive too!!!

But we were still looking for FALL....and found it in abundance. 

Our sweet cabin in the cozy it was. 

Within a drive to Jim's favorite destination....Yosemite. 

Where my friend Linda and I enjoyed the lovely fireplace....
 ( her husband joined Jim on photography shoots) 

...and sat for the day sipping tea and knitting on fun projects.
 We might have enjoyed a candy bar too!!!!

Life does not get more restful than this!!!

There were walks behind the Ahwahnee to enjoy the Fall colors...

...and gaze on the herds of deer that were so amazingly tame. 

When the lights came on, and the day turned to twilight, 
it was time to go back to our sweet cabin. 

There were a few stops on the way home.

To Solvang for the most delicious Danish pancakes....

...a stop to pick up some holiday wines.

Of course there has to be a visit to a quilt shop!!!!! 

....and finally home again!!!
Only to unpack my suitcase and pack it again.

I am off to Camp Cedar Glen with the QIAD girls for El's quilting retreat.

Expect LOTS of pictures and stories to tell.
Off with you soon.  


Yvonne said...

It looks like a trip that has it all, good food, a nice Cabin, friends and a quiltshop. Have fun at the retreat! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Beverly said...

You two take the best trips. I'm still in fall mode (because it came so late here) but your pictures of Christmas at the Apple Farm really inspired me. Loved the cozy little kitchen area. Is the quilt shop in Carpenteria in the same location as the one that closed. It looks huge on the website.
Ahhh, quilt retreat. That sounds heavenly right now. I know it is a working one for you. Will watch for inspiring pictures of that too.