Friday, July 10, 2015

Not Exactly Like HGTV.....

When watching Home Improvement shows on tv it goes quickly, 
 and everything seems to fall into place. 

Not so much in REAL LIFE!!!!
All of our rooms still look pretty much like this. 

Some things are going well.  
The gray on the walls is both restful and serene.  

We have selected our baseboards and carpeting will be laid in another week. 

Some rooms are pulling together. 
This is our downstairs powder room.  

The inspiration is Jim's wonderful photo of Carlsbad Beach at Sunset. 

Surrounding the photo will be four smaller frames,
 each displaying a seashell that the Grandchildren will find for me. 

The color of the paint is called Tidewater.  It is perfect. 

We still manage to balance house projects and enjoying life.

We took the girls shopping yesterday
....with a very fun stop at the Disney Store for some much needed
 "Happily Ever After" magic!!!

There were carousel rides....

which made all of us smile. 

I am spending some time creating projects for the time
 we DO have a home to decorate.

This will be placed on top of the hutch....

... our former chandelier is now being spray painted.

I will put it all back together with candles,  and hang it from our garden trellis. 

I bought LOTS of frames
 and have been going thru all of my photos of loved ones.

I want to be surrounded by those who hold my heart. 

I keep focussed on those small areas in our home that do look settled.

Still feeling SEW BLESSED in this remodel....just a bit impatient to have it finished!


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It looks beautiful! It does take time, though, doesn't it?

Yvonne said...

It will be so pretty once it is finished! A lot of work but worth the job. Glad you found time to unwind with your lovely grandkids!

Kinz said...

Ohhhhhh I love all of these ideas! I can't wait to see the finished look!

Linda in Calif. said...

Well, it certainly looks lovely in some areas. It's all going to look lovely in the end. My hubby is in the mood to redo the house - and I'm holding him back. It all seems too much.

Linda said...

How beautiful! :)