Thursday, September 3, 2015

As Summer come to an end.....

It is looking more and more like Summer is sadly coming to an end. 

Fall sports have begun....

....and back to school parties have been enjoyed. 

The little ones practiced napping with their new blankets.
Emme was very happy with her new heart blanket that "Oma Oma" made. 

Clare and Laurel were equally excited about their "back to school" bags.

Laurel looks excited ( ??? ) to be my Mini-Me  !!!!

Hmmmm.....maybe a bit more excited to nap under her new preschool blankie. 

Clare was happy to snuggle with Grampie, 
who enjoyed teasing her about losing yet another tooth!!!

Other signs that summer is coming to an end.....
Barn Sales. 

I LOVE Myrtle Creek. 
 Always inspiring and always fun. 

Wonderful gardens and a delicious cafe....

....and today they had a barn sale FULL of fun things to shop for. 

Here are my treasures....along with lots and lots of plants!!!

I bribed Jim into going with me by promising him breakfast here!!!

I couldn't wait to get my treasures home to the garden. 

The rusty wine rack became a pot holder!!!

I love to "repurpose" in my garden. 

This was the first present I got from Jill. 

It was meant to hold it holds flowers!!!

My garden has not gotten the word that summer is soon to be a memory. 

I have to agree with my garden.

 I am still enjoying my time sitting in the sunshine,
 reading old issues of Victoria magazine,
 and keeping summer in my heart as long as I can!!!  


Yvonne said...

It seems your summer was a little to short with all the busy days of redecorating but it end all well with fun days and grandkids! They are getting so big! Way to fast if you ask me, they change so much in a few month's don't they? Your garden looks lovely! You found some real treasures!

joshua54 said...

The kiddos seem to have great time in the summer vacations. My daughter goes to a Phoenix pre-k and this year her teacher is making plans for the summer camp in coming summer vacations. I hope this camp will be beneficial for building some extra skills in kids!!