Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Birthday Season....

We are in birthday season!!!!  

Oma was first and no one loves birthdays like Oma!!!

There are wonderful meals to be enjoyed....
followed by the most amazing cake.  


I had a birthday too.

Thank goodness for helpers to open my gifts. 


We all know the best gifts are hugs....


...which were abundantly shared. 

Another great dinner....back to WW Points SOON!!!

There has been some sewing too.

Oma loves Strawberries, 
SEW I had such fun surprising her with this quilt. 

Emmerson will be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. 

I could not wait to make this Minnie inspired dress.

Sew much fun I made a second dress that Emmerson wore proudly.

I  have been wanting to make a Tilda doll for a long time.

I found the book, and viewed a great tutorial on You Tube.

Another fun way to play with fabric!!!

It has been the happiest of birthday seasons.

I have been spoiled and loved by family, my dear students and my sweet friends.

I just wish birthday cakes were calorie free!!!!

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Yvonne said...

Such a great month for you with so much to celebrate. You are right, a hug is the best gift! Love the things you have been making.