Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Merry Merry.....and I am BACK!!!!

My blog has sadly been neglected....
but I promise to be NICE and not NAUGHTY
 and post more often. 

We gathered this weekend for Oma's special holiday treat....
St. Nicholas and a visit from Santa Claus!!!

We are so grateful for those that travel from near and far. 

For those that bring special Dutch treats to make our day even more special. 

We are blessed by family and many memories of both the past, 
and our joyous present. 

Little ones shyly share with Santa Claus their Christmas wishes....

....and eagerly open the gifts that Santa has chosen for each of them. 

It is so special to know that Santa loves each child 
and seems to know so much about them!!!!

We smiled that Emmerson could not stop telling Santa soooo many things!!!

Many gifts are made by hand.....

....and shared from the heart. 

Sisters help each other when it is hard to open the special gifts!!!

We await the GOOD NEWS that Oma is once again on the GOOD list!!!! 

We treasure that the gift of time spent together is the most precious gift of all.  

Thank you Santa for our very special day.....we love you SOOOO MUCH!!! 

Thank you Oma for bringing this tradition to our family each year. 

The day ends when new pajamas are worn and Christmas Carols are sung. 

We are blessed to share this day....
and grateful for  the many precious memories we have shared. 


Yvonne said...

It looks like you are doing the perfect combination of the Sinterklaas and Santa Claus celebration and you even had Dutch smoked paling!
So nice that the little ones get to know a little Dutch heritage! Thanks for sharing the cute pictures!

benilhalk said...

I just love Family Parties buddy but this year I have to host the Christmas party at a destination venue for my office staff. So, please provide suggestions for good corporate event planners out there!!