Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Best Part of Summer.....

If I can choose one cherished memory of our past summer it would have to be this.

My favorite little people in my favorite place. 

Whether relaxing on beach chairs....

...or working hard to create the most sandcastles.

There can be no better place than the beach. 

There are things to study....

....and the excitement of your toes in the chilly water. 

The pride in building your own sandcastle...
and decorating it with with the rocks you find. 

Clare is doing the hard work of carrying buckets of water for the team!!!

All worthy memories of a summer well spent. 

Whether digging deep sand forts...

...or learning new skills, 

This certainly was a summer to remember !!!

Oh....did I mention something quite wonderful?

Next summer we will do this again with FIVE little ones!!!

Yes, there is going to be a new baby.  More joy, more memories to cherish.

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

Such happy news! Congratulations to parents and grandparents!
Children, sand and water.....the perfect combination! They are so cute!