Monday, September 26, 2016

...and then summer was a wonderful memory.


So many changes as summer came to a close.
Our son Jonathan began work with his new company. 

We met for a special lunch to celebrate  Clare and Laurel's Daddy.
Afterwards the girls were off to the hair salon. 

With new shorter was time for school to begin.
Our little Laurel was off to preschool. 

Big sister Clare began first grade the next day. 

There is also a new year of soccer. 
 Someone loves to play sports!!!

Our littlest Emmerson was also off to school. 
We were nervous to see if she would like her new preschool.
She LOVED it!!!

Needless to say Donovan easily joined the big kids at his school too!!!
All of these changes....time goes so quickly.

So grateful for a new baby to come
 that we can keep close as the older ones embrace their new world!!!

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Yvonne said...

O yes it must be so fun now that the kids are getting bigger and getting more and more there own lives to welcome a new baby! Such joy!