Monday, January 2, 2017

Start Where You Are.....


  I have begun the New Year with a resolve to journal and to read a daily devotional

Todays message was to "start where you are". 
 It spoke to me....not to regret what you have not done, 
but to focus on moving forward to what you can do.

      In that mindset, I am revisiting my blog. 
 There will be a few blog posts that were from months before. 
I am grateful for this past year, and I do not want to forget. 

So we look back on this Fall, and later into our holiday season. 
 I am grateful to enjoy it once again.

This lovely man and I took the most delightful of road trips. 
 We began by flying into Chicago, having booked a roundtrip ticket for $70 each!!! 

We did not really have a destination planned.  
In fact our flight was filled with conversations that began "what do you want to see".  

We got into our rented car and we were off 
to see the beauty of Fall in the most enjoyable and relaxed way. 


 Little towns and cute shops were a must.  

                The Smoky mountains and the Appalachians were the most scenic of destinations.

Smoky Mountains National Park is amazing and humbling.  

A true vision of what it was like to live a pioneer life.

I saw things I had never seen this fungus that grew on the side of a tree.
You can imagine that Jim and his camera were never far apart. 

We were lucky enough to spend some time with Jim's cousin Trish.

She not only treated us to the most lovely dinner, 
but also a historic tour of her town of 
Jonesborough, Tennessee. 

There were way to many stops in adorable bakeries.....

...where the food was as sweet as the people we would meet.

So many of our destinations ended up being places
 that were recomended by people we would randomly meet. 

It was the perfect Fall trip....and it was hard to say goodby
 to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina. 

2700 miles later we were filled with memories 
and a desire to see all of these wonderful places once again. 


sunny said...

"Start where you are" What a great idea. Your trip sounds awesome. We love the Smoky Mountains too, and will be going back in the Spring, for wildflower hikes. Happy New Year!

Yvonne said...

I like that 'start where you are'. We should do that more! Looking back is often so useless and a wast of time.
Lovely pictures of your trip! Smokey mountains is on our list for this year, looking forward to it!

Phyllis said...

You made some wonderful trips, love your pictures. It is such a privilege to be able to travel, meet new people, see new things and be inspired by your new impressions. Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year.