Thursday, January 5, 2017

Always the Most Fun.....

The best days are the ones spent
with the little ones that hold our heart close. 

Whether they are dressed like ladybugs.....

....or hard working construction workers.

Little sisters who are sweet companions...

....who can prove how brave they are by not holding the safety bars!!!!

It is always fun when we are together. 

When we can ALL be together, the fun is multiplied!!!

Even more so when the big kids are there too. 

 There are concerts to be enjoyed...

....but mostly it is about being family and best friends too!!!!

Those are the moments I feel most blessed. 

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

I can totally agree with you Annelies! The joy grandkids bring is priceless! The picture of them four at the piano is soooo cute! Hope this year will bring you all a lot of happy moments together as a family!