Monday, January 9, 2017

The Magic of St. Nicholas.....

  This was the most magical of holiday seasons. 

The children were excited about Santa....
but also about the birth of baby Jesus. 

Our little ones are growing so quickly.....
but Santa is still a big hero to all of the Grandchildren. 

Can you tell how excited they are to have their turn 
to tell Santa about their hopes and wishes????

We love that Santa comes each year...
with fun things to share and make us all laugh. 

Laurel was so excited to see her name on the "Good Children" list. 

Donovan made it to the good list fact they ALL did. 

Even Oma was more nice than naughty!!!

There was an abundance of wonderful foods and treats from Holland.

As always the greatest gift is family and we ceratinly felt blessed.

Two of these little ones thought it would be funny 
to test out the mistletoe !!!

What a wonderful grateful for this celebration each year.
Thank you Oma.  It was the best. 

 Now there is one more gift we are looking forward to in the new year!!!

We cannot wait. 


sunny said...

How nice that you have all your grandies nearby, and that they can grow up together. Cousins make great friends, anf forever memories.

Yvonne said...

Lovely pictures! It is always fun 'sharing' your fun long distance!
Megan looks great!