Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Promises Promises....

It was my intention to add to my blog more often.  

However a new Smart Phone proved that the owner
was anything but SMART. 

A whole new learning curve and I had to wait for the right moment to get my patient husband to instruct me once again. 

I think I have it....NOW.  So here I go with a Summer's worth of photos!!! 


Our darling Laurel turned five with the most festive of parties. 


Guest of honor was her best friend Jack (G). 


It was such fun......lots of craft time and yummy treats.  
A perfect party and a wonderful day.


Our darling Donovan was chosen as an All Star once again.

Lots of competitive games played in the most intense heat. 

Emme kept cool playing under the canopy of a large tree.....


....and baby Taylor enjoyed the shade too!!!


Lots of visit to Legoland....

....and this year the littles were big enough to enjoy the Waterpark!!!


It was all so much fun....but the summer went by much to quickly.


We loved our visits to the nursery, where they had classes for children.

Emme and Donovan loved learning all about worms. 

So grateful for our darling Grandchildren. 

They make summer so special, and the memories will forever be cherished. 

I just can't believe how big they are getting. 


Yvonne said...

Grandkids growing up is like sand slipping through your fingers.....one day they are born and the next they tell you how your phone works or stuff like that........

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