Sunday, September 10, 2017

SOW here we go again.....

 This year for me has been a year of chaos.  

Out of our control, and leaving me anxious and unsettled. 


I have found my solace in my bitty garden. 

The smell of the earth, the abundance of blooms, 
made my heart happy and I was grateful. 


There is something magical about a garden. 

 My passion began by watching my Mom in her garden, 
and greatly increased after reading ( and rereading) 
The Secret Garden by Frances Burnett. 


In my garden I could create whimsy, 


.....and enjoy my own version of an English Garden!!!


The colors brightened my mood....

....and nothing could be more joyous than waking up to Morning Glory blooms. 

But just like in life.....nothing is in our control. 

We thought it best ( with our new traveling schedule to Tennessee) 
to put in an automatic drip system to sustain our plants while we were away. 

What I did not envision was the destruction such a simple project could lead too.

There were numerous holes to be dug
to find the elusive water lines placed in the garden
twenty four years ago.

Roots were dug out, plants were stepped on and broken.... 

....what seemed like a small task completely demolished my small garden.

But just like in life, we must accept and move forward.

My days are spent digging and trimming,  
and when things finally looked promising a trip to the nursery center was a must. 

This year has taught me patience....and humility. 

My very small garden has shared big lessons,
 and I am SOW grateful. 


Yvonne said...

A garden is like life itself, good and bad times!

Candace said...

It will all come back-flourishing and blooming in no time. My English friend had her gardens cut back to the ground every late fall and in the spring they all came back even prettier.