Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Birthday Season....

I might have seemed a bit absent....but I have a great excuse. 
We are deep into Birthday Season.
  It has been a joyous and very busy time.  

 Our Donovan turned seven....

Our adorable Taylor turned ONE!!!


...and Jim just got a year older ( G ) !!! 

Our birthday boy requested his favorite meal....steak and corn on the cob.
Even without all of his teeth he enjoyed every bite. 

He enjoyed his gifts too.
 He is most interested in being a photographer just like his Grampie. 

With eyes tightly closed, he waited for his birthday surprises.

Pretty sure he was excited with his new golf clubs the most!!! 

With sweet hugs for his Oma Oma....

....and his adorable Grammie, this dear boy was beyond excited
 to celebrate this wonderful occasion. 

It hardly seems possible our darling Taylor is ONE!!!

Just beggining to take some steps, 
she seemed to enjoy her special day very much. 

Of course I had to make her a birthday quilt just like 
the other Grands have. 

She was all smiles....

...but a bit uncertain about her Birthday Cupcake. 

A tiny taste and she was done. 

More fun were the birthday balloons.

An adorable Hein tradition of tying wishes on the strings....
and letting them soar toward the Heavens.

Certain that means all wishes come true!!!

This adorable family melts my heart. 

Birthday presents were enjoyed....

...and then we were onto Birthday Celebration Number Three!!!

Meghan surprised her Dad by making the most incredible Paella Dinner. 
Jim couldn't have been happier with any other present. 

Even our little Donovan turned gourmet
 and enjoyed the mussels most of all. 

Or I should say enjoyed the CAKE!!!! 

An incredible confection from the Dease family recipe book.

Layers of cake, layers of meringue, and slathered in a Mocha Frosting. 
What is not to LOVE!!!

Even though it was not Miss Emmerson's birthday season...
she seemed to enjoy it all the same.

You would think we have had enough birthdays,
but this weekend we celebrate Clare and her Daddy.

Never enough cake.....never enough joy to share.  


Meghan said...

I have loved every minute of the celebrations. The paella, cake, and family movie night is one etched in my memory forever. It was such a perfect celebration with my loves. Thanks for making all of these parties so, so special. xoxo

Yvonne said...

Your grandkids are the sweetest Annelies! So much fun to see the exitement and happiness on their faces! They are growing up much to quick don’t you think?
Cute picture with Oma Oma!

Linda in Calif. said...

Such an enjoyable post. Thanks for bringing me along with through such happy days. That cake looks do good - what kind of cake is it?