Sunday, February 25, 2018

Feeling SEW Inspired.....

I have been on quiliting overdrive!!!!

A combination of cold weather keeping me out of the garden,
finding my sewing room nice and cozy, 
and the gift of some lovely fabrics from a dear student. 

I used her lovely fabrics to 
combine my love of quilting and garden .   

The front porch is ready for Spring! 

This fabric is a purchase from a year ago. 

In my quest to be MINDFUL, 
I am finding great joy in using what I find in my stash. 

I must share that my love of this fabric 
meant I bought more than I should have.....

...but now I am able to create
 a collection of quilts that we will enjoy. 

This was such fun to sew and quilt..... was this collection of four stars using this sweet collection. 

This one was my favorite....

....until I worked on this one last night. 
Must say it has stolen my heart. 

This large quilt still needs to be quilted.....
and with the weather continuing to be BRRRR,
I will happily stay nestled in my sewing room. 

I do not have to worry about lack of  inspriration any time soon.
Just this week another much loved student
 gifted me with these adorable fabrics from her stash. 

I am seeing lots of garden inspired quilts in my future. 
Quilt on!!!! 


Linda From Wisconsin said...

I am also in love with your fabrics. They are fresh and happy. I think SPRING when I look at your quilt and blocks. I love your little sign in the bottom picture. So often we allow things to take away our JOY.
God Bless,

Yvonne said...

It is Impressive to see how much beautiful quilts you can make in a short time!
Your color use is so lovely, the tulip quilt at your door is so inviting. Hope Spring will arrive soon!