Thursday, March 1, 2018

My Favorite Double Birthday......

What is more fun than a birthday......TWO birthdays!!!

Clare was born on Jonathan's birthday eight years ago.
This eight year old seemed 
to enjoy sharing her special day. 

There were presents to open....

....and yes Clare is as sweet as sunshine!!!

Cousins enjoyed the sunshine and delicious barbeque in the garden. 

The cake was the most incredible hit!!!

 Always great to have a cousin to help blow out the candles!!!

A sign that I am out of touch with what kids want nowadays. 

Clare wished for this special egg....
that pecks open and reveals
a special friend to nurture and enjoy.  

Clare seemed very happy.
  Grampie and I were a bit confused. 

The Birthday Girl was all smiles.

Hard to  believe this is my baby boy!!!
He has grown into a man I admire and love so much.

Happy Birthday Clare and Jonathan. 

Much loved always....and you are both a gift in our lives. 


Yvonne said...

Such sweet pictures of your family. Oma Nelly is looking great too!
That egg Clare is so happy with is still on Rosa's wish list too for some odd reason....
I guess we grandparents are to old to understand 😉

Kinz said...

I want to eat that chocolate cake!