Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sleepovers and Legoland.....

Spring Break for the children meant there was time for some added fun.  
A sleepover at Oma and Grampie's house filled the bill!!!

Grampie enjoys making the breakfast....

....and I was in charge of getting everyone dressed 
and into the car for a visit to Legoland! 

Aunt Meghan came to keep extra eyes
 on an assortment of very excited children. 

There were boats to maneuver....

....which Laurel did quite well!!!

My boat was steered by our sweet Emmerson....
who took the job very seriously.  

Some rides are only for the little ones....

I was very glad of this!!!

Fairy Tale land is much more to my liking. 

I did have to protect my little girls from a ferocious Lion ! 

....and then finally on the ride home there was some sleeping at the sleepover. 

What a fun day. 
 What precious memories we have created.  

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

What a fun daytrip. It is so much fun to have cousins to grow up with and make memories with.
They will always remember the fun they had with Grandma when they were kids!