Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Gift from the heart, and created by hand....

It continues to amaze me that at 95 my Mom's hands are never not busy.

Her days are spent knitting....
and many of us are the lucky recipients of her incredible talent. 

She loves our Monday night gatherings where she knits beautifully, 
and the rest of us try to do our best.

  We do not ( even after all these years) come close to being proficient. 

Recently Emme and Donovan asked me to make them scarves.  

I must admit, that I didn't think they would remember their request. 
 I also thought the weather was turning to warm to make them useful. 

My Mom to the rescue !!! 

In days she had finished this scarf for Donovan....

...and this adorable hat and scarflette for Emme. 

Two happy and delighted children who will now know
 to NOT ask their Oma for scarves.

Best to ask Oma Oma who is capable 
of making wishes come true with yarn!!! 

Two silly, warm and joyous little children. 

What a gift my Mom has to create smiles and cozy memories. 

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Yvonne said...

Your Mom told me in our Skype meeting about the scarfs she knitted. She is amazing and they look adorable!