Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Road Trip...Once Again

Life continues to be complicated. 
 Just when we seem to settle into life in California, we are needed in Tennessee once again. 

No complaints from me....we love Tennessee.  
Unfortunately it is quite far and traveling back and forth is taking its toll. 

I pack my knitting and books before I pack my clothing. 
There will be many blog posts sharing the positives of our last visit. 
7300 miles later....we are home once again.  

We see some interesting sites....and enjoy our travels. 
Here are some chilis drying in the sun in New Mexico. 

The sign tells you all you need to know about Texas. 
It is big....but I am grateful for the wildflowers and rolling hills. 

Little Rock is the most beautiful city.....and the Capitol is very impressive.  
We are getting closer to our destination and feeling very excited. 

Three days later ( and after many miles)  we are in Tennessee.

This sweet home seems like a hug after a long journey. 

The horses are still in the pasture, 
and we feel like we are home in many ways. 

Our days are spent enjoying backroads 
where Jim enjoys photography....and so do I. 

The nights are restful, 
but there are lots of decisions to be made .  

Before I go into this saga.....
lets celebrate a few birthdays and the joy of being a family.  

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Yvonne said...

Glad you enjoyed the beautiful places along the long trip to Tennessee.