Friday, May 4, 2018


I am always blessed by my students. 

 They inspire me, they lift me up....
and often they gift me with things I very much treasure.  

One of my students presented me with a baggie
 full of vintage dresden plate wedges. 

I love the precious designs....
especially the garden pots and the Dutch windmills. 

I was happy to piece them together....

...and soon I had a sewing room full of what looked like kite tails. 

I had a fat quarter of fabric I had been saving for the perfect quilt. 

It too had that vintage look that I adore. 

I had enough to make five blocks. 

I appliqued them to a 20 inch background.  

Lots and lots of room for some inspired quilting.  

I bravely quilted some Feathered Wreaths.....

....and soon the quilt took on the appearance of something vintage and antique.

I love that I can take something that someone started long ago....
and I can complete it and enjoy it. 

What a gift I have in my students...and what a gift they bestow on me. 

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Yvonne said...

Very pretty Annelies!