Saturday, June 9, 2018

Happy Birthay Emmerson Grace....

 Our sweet little Emmerson turned FIVE....
and what a festive party it was.  

The request was for all things Unicorn.....and horses too!!!! 

Lots of love and helpers made this party a huge success!!!

Grammie watched over all of the party girls 
as they painted a pretty picture wearing their 
new painting smock.  

I had sewn ten little matching aprons 
to keep little girls tidy as they iced their heart shaped cookies. 

Emmerson looked so cute and is very good at making yummy cookies.  

Brothers were given a chance to make cookies too.....

....and they enjoyed that very much!!! 

There was a delicious picnic lunch under the coolness of the big tree. 

There were sooooooo many presents.....

Emme was beyond excited with each one!!! 

Time to blow out the candle and make a wish.  

A Rainbow cake with lots of sprinkles!!!! 

There is a tradition of balloons at the party.  

When the children have left, 
and family is still gathered, 
we write a wish for the birthday girl....

and the wishes are then tied to the strings of the balloon. 

We all let them go at the same time !!! 

As they reach the heavens, it is certain that all of the wishes come true!!!

Emmerson are our dream come true.  

We love your sweet heart and your strong spirit. 
 Always and forever grateful for the gift you are to us. 

Oh.....and then there is little sister. 

She apparently did not know 
that the party was over and the bounce house 
was ready to be packed away. 

So many memories of the sweetest day. 
Such a joy.....such a blessing. 

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Yvonne said...

The apron are just darling. As is the pretty birthday girl. Such sweet pictures!